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How It Works!

RefBack70 is a simple program to get paid by ref-back offers. Our program has divided into 6 steps.

Just join the ptc sites and maximize your earnings!
* Please use same username as use register with our site, so that we can trace your clicks.

  1.  First need to register on site 

    2. After register enter on your acount - Login put username and password

   3. Go to sites page.Click on the NEW PTC.

  4. Click on any PTC site Banner/ Link that are available in this page or on Add button.

After clicking on the Banner, it will redirect to that PTC sites register page. Register there. Make sure that our username is in the Referrer field.
And done after save your username you find site in MY SITES page.

5. That’s all. You can add as many sites you like. These all sites are best and Test sites.


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