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Frequently Asked Questions


When earnings for my clicks will be counted?

After your registration is confirmed, you can be sure that you are a member in the referrals list of the PTC which you was requesting for. You have to click continually all the advertisements, and as soon as we receive payment from this site, all your cliques on this PTC will be added automatically to your balance; your cliques are to be paid accordingly to our conditions (50% of price for standard member's click).
Quite usual question: I'm registered on the site, and the payment from it has been received, but my clicks are still not paid!
The answer:
1. You know very well that not all PTCs have instant payouts. Your clicks are not paid yet only for the reason that for a moment of your registration has already been made payment request. Don't worry. After next withdrawal all your clicks will surely be paid.
2. In connection with the limits of direct referrals, we open more than one account per one PTC, and of course we make withdrawal orders at different times for different accounts. RefBack calculations are to be made on the fact of payment receipt from each account separately. You can find all necessary information about this on the forum.


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