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Posted on 3:22 pm 04/18/2018
After a long work on the sites of PTC, I decided to automate the refback by going to this site.
Now the situation with PTC is not the same as for example 5 years ago. It is quite difficult to get anything with PTC without direct referrals (as a rule, they become a scam before the minimum payment is collected).
Similar sites like RefBack70 help you get at least something for your work on PTC. Of course there are also good sites on which you will receive not only refback but also payment at the PTC itself.
The RefBack70 website offers you refback of 70% and 5% of the income of your direct referrals. Also there is encouraging a small bonus for registration of the referral in the amount of $ 0.01 (registration of cartoons is punished by ban).
I hope you enjoy the new design and ease of use of the new site.

Now we are in the testing phase. If you find something wrong (including spelling), please contact us in the way that is convenient for you.)
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